SEIU Brags About Wage “Increases”?

Workers at the County of San Diego are seeing a new flier from SEIU.
Here’s what it looks like (click on the image to make it bigger so you can read it):


Wage Increase flier, June 2014 b0001


Economists make a distinction between “nominal wages” (the dollar amount you see on your paystub) and “real wages”. Real wages are the nominal wages adjusted for inflation. Real wages tell you what your dollar is worth when you go to buy something.

According to the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association (SDCERA) announcement in April 2014, the local Consumer Price Index (CPI) went up 1.3 % and the retiree cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for this year is therefore 1.5 %.

Inflation statewide has been as low as 1.3% in 2010 and as high as 2.6 % in 2011 and was 1.5% in 2013. The 2014 projection is currently 1.8%. For the San Diego area it was as low as 1.3 % in 2010 and 2013 and as high as 3% in 2011. Prior to the Great Recession, the figure has been as high as 5.8% during the past 10 years and reached its highest level of 15.6 % in 1980. The state publishes the Calendar Year Averages from 1950 to the present at

How to use CPI data:


It’s too soon to know what the CPI will be for 2014. But if we assume it will be something between 1.3 % and 2.4%, we would be on pretty solid ground.

So, you do the math! Is a 1.2% wage increase really a wage “increase” when we have 1.3 % inflation, or is it really a wage decrease? SEIU’s new flier is calling it a wage “increase”.

Another good question about this flier is why did SEIU get the 2% bonus spread out over 6 months? All the other unions at the County got the same 2% bonus, but as one lump sum. Which would you rather get?

This is what Loco 221 likes to call “SEIU Speak”. Sorta like George Orwell’s “Newspeak” in his book 1984.  For a quick guide to “Newspeak” see


Why does SEIU “spin” reality like this? And why is this flier coming out right now?
Loco221 thinks SEIU is worried about a new ‘kid on the block’ that’s been emailing County workers to ask them to drop their SEIU membership during the “drop month” of June. The new group has a new website that pretty much speaks for itself.












SBPEA Warns Members about SEIU

Loco 221 found this posted on the union website of the SBPEA on March 12, 2014. SBPEA is the San Bernardino County workers union. Yup, they talk about the union elections that were thrown out a few weeks ago at SEIU 221. We know that union websites often change out their articles, and sometimes don’t preserve public access to the older posts. So, we thought posterity would like it if we captured this gem for all time. Obviously, unions all over the place, especially our neighbors here in Southern California, are falling off their chairs laughing about SEIU, especially SEIU Local 221. Of course, it is sad really, that many of the most downtrodden workers, many thousands of clerical workers for example, are stuck in SEIU right now, and getting shafted not only by their employers, but by their union too.

Maybe people at SBPEA are right though, about the chances that the new Association of San Diego County Employees (ASDCE) will replace SEIU as the union representing most of the San Diego County workers, come 2015. Why? Because starting in October of 2015 there will be a whole two year period when it is legal for workers there to file petitions to have the state run elections to dump SEIU and switch to ASDCE (or any other union). With the 2013-2017 SEIU contracts with the County of San Diego pushing workers there farther and farther down each year (pay raises are less than yearly inflation rates) and with the contract vote in 2013 turning out to be a text-book “bums rush” based on lies, and not even allowing many worksites to know about the contract vote in time to vote, many San Diego SEIU members already wish it was 2015.

So, here’s what the SBPEA website looked like when Loco 221 staff stumbled onto it on March 12 (and yes, if you go to their site now at you will see even more loving words about SEIU)  :


Representing Public Employees for over 75 years


SEIU continues to try and gain SBPEA membership.

Things you should know about SEIU…

Democracy – SEIU style On February 5, 2014, the recent election of union officers and council members for SEIU Local 221 were nullified.  SEIU Local 221 represents 9,200 San Diego County employees. Although 4,500 county workers are full members of SEIU and eligible to vote, only forty-one (41) actually voted.  Yes, only 41. Rather than a mail ballot, SEIU set up ballot boxes. Trouble was that there were only 5 polling locations, no polls at worksites, only one day for voting, and very limited hours to vote. As you can tell, SEIU is not member owned or member operated. Although the dues are about the same as agency fees, approximately one-half of the employees do not even want to belong to SEIU. In San Diego County, SEIU is a four-letter word.

Independents v. SEIU SEIU has been losing more members every year than the number of new members recruited. These losses are mostly to independent associations with lower dues. Independent associations, such as SBPEA, do not pay money to an International Union in the form of per capita taxes. Recent Examples: By a wide margin, the County of San Diego’s Construction, Maintenance, Operations and Repair Unit voted last year to decertify SEIU and to certify the new independent union, the Association of San Diego County Employees (ASDCE). (Many believe ASDCE will replace SEIU in San Diego in two years.) Employees of the Coachella Valley Water District voted to pull out of SEIU and form their own labor association. In a vote last year, about 90% of the employees who have been represented by SEIU 721 voted to form the new Coachella Valley Water District Employee Association, to elect officers their own officers and hold regular meetings through the independent association. In a landslide victory, the City of Chico Classified, Technical and Professional employees unit voted to get rid of SEIU and recognize the newly formed Chico Employees Association as their new representative. Employees of Riverside County have contacted SBPEA to help them form their own independent association or join with SBPEA. Both Riverside and San Diego County employees now regret ever losing their independence to SEIU.

SEIU LEADERSHIP Last year, SEIU President Tyrone Freeman was found guilty sentenced to 33 months in federal prison for stealing tens of thousands of dollars from his low-income members to finance an expensive lifestyle that included being married to two women at the same time. Alejandro Stephens, the head of SEIU, Local 660 in Los Angeles, was previously sentenced to four months in prison and three months of home confinement. Stephens defrauded a nonprofit organization called the Voter Improvement Project out of $52,000, which he used to launch his union reelection campaign. In a plea bargain, Stephens pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion for his failure to report the stolen money. Local 660 was then merged into Local 721.

The good news is that with so many SEIU representatives behind bars, SEIU has been able to organize the Prison License Plate Workers, Local OMG CYA.

Prepare to Be Accosted! There are organizers from SEIU in Los Angeles roaming about the County and Courts parking lots, buildings, and visiting your homes wanting you to sign up with them so they can be your union. SEIU organizers are telling employees to vote “NO” on any agreement. They don’t care what’s in it, they want people to vote “NO” because they think it gives them an opportunity to take over. Now that’s a union that really cares about employees, isn’t it? Nationally, SEIU has been losing more members every year than the number of new members recruited. And SEIU Bylaws say that 20% of the locals’ budgets must be spent on organizing. Organizers will tell you anything to coerce you into signing a card because they are organizers, not labor representatives, and their jobs depend on getting cards signed. They say SBPEA is not a union – WRONG! They say SBPEA staff members are County employees – WRONG! They say SEIU is a Democratic union – WRONG! They say that you are without a contract – WRONG! They say their members are happy – WRONG! Just ask employees in Riverside and San Diego counties who are dumping SEIU. You do not have to talk to them. You do not have to take anything from them. More importantly, don’t sign anything because these organizers truly don’t know what they’re talking about. More to come…

Holiday Cheer From 2 Unions

Which one would you rather get?

Loco 221 got copies of the holiday greetings emails that went out to members of the Association of San Diego County Employees (ASDCE) and to members of SEIU 221. We’re not sure how many eggnogs SEIU 221 President Garcias downed before sending out the word about how “proud” he is and how great SEIU is doing.
And when you finish reading the greetings, don’t miss the surprise “presents” to put under your “tree”, from our sister blog Stern Burger With Fries!  Just click the links and HO! HO! HO!
From: ASDCE <info@ASDCE.ORG>
Date:12/10/2013 5:48 AM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: ASDCE: Jolly, Merry, Happy Holidays! Check Your Mail for Christmas Gift Cards!

The Association of San Diego County Employees
Jolly, Merry, Happy Holidays!
All of us at the Association of San Diego County Employees sincerely wish each of you and your family a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a Happy Holiday.   We thank each of you for your participation and membership in ASDCE and hope you have a safe and Happy Holiday.  We are celebrating by putting some “Jolly in your Holiday”…
Please check your U.S. Mail this week.  Today we are mailing each ASDCE member a Christmas Card with a $15 Vons Gift Card tucked inside.
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 15:07:15 -0500
From: “David Garcias, SEIU Local 221 President” <>
Subject: Happy Holidays from SEIU 221!


Happy Holidays from SEIU Local 221!

In my first full year as President of our union, I am proud of the progress we have made together in standing up for fairness and equality. I am so grateful for the unity and participation of our membership which has made us stronger than ever. I wish the best to you and your family for a happy and safe holiday season and am looking forward to an even better year in 2014.

In Unity,

David Garcias, President

Give Members the Bird?

Loco 221 snagged a copy of an email that went out to members of the Association of San Diego County Employees (ASDCE) this week. We’re sharing it with the world. Pretty funny to compare what they’re doing with what SEIU does. For example, SEIU Local 221 mailed out their annual holiday party invitation last week. SEIU always makes the members PAY to get in to the party – like they don’t pay enough dues already! Goes to show ya that if your union is already a ‘turkey’ then all they ever do is give you the bird, for real!
Here’s the ASDCE email:
The Association of San Diego County Employees
Happy Thanksgiving!
We’re Giving You the Bird!  That’s right, we’re stuffing your U. S. Mail with a $15 Vons gift card for a turkey. These gift cards will be mailed to each member tomorrow, so we want to be sure that you check your U.S. Mail this week.
Please check your U. S. Mail this week!
Happy Thanksgiving to You & Your Family!

Day of the Dead SEIU

Saturday, November 2, is the Day of the Dead holiday.

To celebrate the long, agonizing “death-of-a-thousand-pay-cuts” of SEIU Local 221, the union president, David Garcias, has announced a BBQ for everybody. Loco 221 got a copy of the official invitation sent to us (see below). In addition to celebrating new union contracts that will increase the dues revenues for the Local while leaving members with less money in their pockets, he is also celebrating the loss of yet another whole bargaining unit of workers this year. That makes 7 units that have voted to leave SEIU 221 since 221 was formed in 2007. Each unit had hundreds of workers and now all their union dues money is being paid to other unions. Hurray! SEIU 221 is the Walking Dead so let’s party on the Day of the Dead!

Garcias wants to spend lots of union dues money to buy BBQ stuff for the County Bargaining Team for doing such a great job. The way most of them went along with the Big Lie that 9500 County workers were going to get “raises” and the way they helped Local 221 trick all the people into voting for the new contract was terrific. For example, they did a great job of telling people that half of them would get a 1.5 percent raise in the first year, without mentioning that inflation was over 2.5 percent this last year, and projected to stay at about that level. They did a great job of telling people it was okay that only half of them would get the raise this year because everybody would get a raise later, but not mentioning that inflation would be bigger than that also.

It is customary on the Day of the Dead for people to bring food to graveyards to share with the Dead. It is well known that the Dead are especially fond of tomatoes and rotten eggs.

So, come on out everybody and let’s all party til we drop, dead.

— the Loco 221 staff

———- Forwarded Message ———-
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013
From: “David Garcias, SEIU Local 221 President”
Subject: County Bargaining Team BBQ!


You are invited to a celebration barbeque for the County Chapter Bargaining Team. These members spent many months fighting to get a fair contract. Now we would like to show our appreciation for their hard work. Bring your family to the park and join us in the celebration! Food and drink provided.

Celebration BBQ

Saturday, November 2, 2013

12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Mission Bay Park*

RSVP to 858-560-0151

*We will be at Playa Pacifica Park, San Diego, CA. North of the Hilton Hotel. Look for the purple signs. More details at

4004 Kearny Mesa Road, San Diego, CA 92111 – 858-560-0151 –

Oct 7, Last Day to Drop SEIU Dues!

ALL people at the County of San Diego who are members of SEIU 221 still have time to stop their dues going to SEIU! If the County’s Board of Supervisors vote to approve the proposed new contract on Tuesday, October 8, 2013, you will have to wait until next June for your next chance to stop paying SEIU dues. Sick of corrupt union officials lying to you, telling you that you will get a “raise” but then you read the fine print and when you include inflation, the “real wage” (actual buying power) will end up being a PAY CUT? Then here’s your next big chance to tell them where they can put it!

So, you can do it TODAY. Just download this form Union Membership Drop Letter for SEIU 221 and send it in! FAX IT! Hurry! The County Auditor Controller Office Fax: (619) 531-5219, and Email: and MailStop: A-5.

For the full story about the rules for dropping SEIU dues, see our Loco 221 article at

You Can STILL Drop Your SEIU Dues at SD County!

No Response from Reform221?

Loco 221 sadly must report that we have had no response from the people at Reform221 about our challenge to a public debate. We think it’s a legitimate and important difference of opinion which deserves a serious public debate. We’re still waiting. We know they’ve been busy, but we think they should find the time to publicly defend their stance.
We don’t think the Reform221 people are evil or stupid. We know that major reform movements in some unions, like the United Mine Workers and like the Teamsters, have turned those unions around – from mob-infested dues-sucking crime rackets into pretty functional unions. We at Loco 221 understand the motivations behind groups like Reform221We disagree that any major reform movement can succeed in SEIU any time soon — that it can happen without decades of sustained effort. Therefore, we say the best way members of SEIU can get decent, democratic union representation is to petition for elections to get rid of SEIU and to form or join other unions.
Here’s what we wrote about a debate with Reform221 at the end of our Loco 221 article about Eliseo Medina quitting SEIU:
“Loco 221 agrees with Stern Burger With Fries that all of the corrupt SEIU officials should go to prison, and that the labor movement as a whole will have to deal with the monstrosity that SEIU has become, as a necessary part of rebuilding a winning union movement in this country.
“We at Loco 221, in that spirit, would like to take this moment to call out the folks at Reform221. They have circulated a leaflet asking SEIU members to vote down the ratification of a bad contract offer from the County of San Diego. We agree that it’s a bad offer. But if it’s true that ratifying it would make County workers more pissed off at SEIU and more eager to get elections to get rid of SEIU and to join some other DECENT union(s), then why didn’t Reform221 tell everybody to vote FOR IT or just tell people FORGET IT, START PETITIONING TO GET AN ELECTION TO GET OUT OF SEIU?
“We challenge Reform221 to a public debate. For months, during the contract negotiations at the County of San Diego, we’ve all heard the SEIU purple parasites complaining about the “tail wagging the dog”. What they mean is that SEIU is supposedly the Big Dog and all the other little unions of County employees are just “the tail”. They complain that the County terrorized the little unions into taking a deal with a wage freeze and then turned around and said “SEIU, what’s wrong with you? All the other people accepted this deal, so why can’t you?” This is the “tail wagging the dog” idea, because SEIU does represent something like 9500 workers and the other little unions each represent at most maybe 1000 and most of them are more like a couple hundred members.
“Loco 221 has a question for Reform221: If we take the “dog” thing a little further, we could say that Reform221 acts like SEIU is a Bad Dog, and that what we need is some serious dog training. Right? So, we at Loco 221 say what if SEIU is really more like a Dog with Rabies? What if there is no amount of training that’s gonna cure it? What if the best thing is to put it out of its misery?”